Pequod Acoustics from Paris to Dubai

Pequod Acoustics from Paris to Dubai

Pequod Acoustics, the Italian brand that produces Hi-Pro speakers that make your head spin towards their generous shapes even before they begin to play music, keeps on expanding all around the world.

Until the 4th of April, the sound and the design of Pequod Acoustics show off at Web 3 Café in Paris, with a white sound system that features 2 Zephyrus and 2 Borea sub. It's a pop-up installation and functional café presented by creative director Gaia Repossi and Harry Nuriev's forthcoming interior design mobile game, Crosby Studios Video Game. Pequod Acoustics thanks the DJ Simone de Kunovich, its French distributor Rock Audio, and its Italian distributor RdaPro for this project.

A very different installation with the same kind of speakers is the one that bikers and riders find in Möto Dubai. It's the only workshop, coffee shop, restaurant, barbershop in Dubai, and it's a music place as well. The bartenders do not serve alcoholic drinks, and the atmosphere is cozy and relaxed, because of the great jam sessions spread by Pequod Acoustics speakers. The installation is curated by Bruno Vitanza of Subsonic AE, the official Pequod Acoustics distributor in the area.


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